"The Little Black Book of Foodspirations"


This "Little Black Book of Foodspirations" written by Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LD is the perfect gift to give your clients. This little black book is pocket sized and divided into seven easy to read sections - each section providing simple, yet pracitcal and educational information to help people live a healthier life.

7 Sections Include:
Be Inspired to Live Healthier
Be Inspired to Drink More Water
Be Inspired to Move More
Be Inspired to Lose Weight
Be Inspired to Transform Habits
Be Inspired While Living Life
Be Inspired by Others

This Little Black Book of Foodspirations can be personalized with a note or your business card. Additional customization features are available and include but not limited to your business name and logo and contact information on the cover as well as inspirational tips from you and your staff included.

Pricing and Ordering:

Quantity:             Price (includes shipping and handling):                

      1                    $3.50




     5                      $15.70


    10                      $22.95


     25                     $46.45


    50                      $84.95


    75                     $122.49


   100                     $149.95


  250                      $369.96


For custom orders send an e-mail with request to yvette@yvettequantz.com




Additional Services Include:

Little Black Book of Foodspirations!  (the perfect gift book for your clients or club members).

Logo Design

Customized Marketing Videos

Inspiration Cards:

Holiday Greeting Cards: